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Oceanside and San Clemente, California.

Beds Available in San Clemente and Oceanside, CA

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Clean, bright, structured living environment for those looking to take the next step in their recovery.

We welcome you in our community with to live with with other sober men. Everyone here is an adult: therefore if we know what is expected we can agree to live up to those expectations.

We also expect that every person should be treated with the highest regard. We also expect to live in a clean, happy, harmonious environment.

We believe that if we are all willing to follow these expectations, we can live together as a strong supportive community.

Structured living environment for those looking to take the next step in their recovery.

  • Furnished house
  • Laundry on site
  • All utilities included
  • Off-street parking

The Place Sober Living

What to Bring – Our Men Sober Residences

Packing For Your Journey to a Sober Life

As this will probably be your first time staying at a home for sober living in Southern California, you might be wondering what items and materials you should bring with you. Because you’ll be staying in a specialized environment, there are certain items which are permissible and some of course, which are not. You will find the details explaining exactly what you should bring for your stay with us, along with those items or materials which are not permissible.

What to Bring

The following items and materials are those that are necessary, recommended or desirable for you to have with you at one of our sober homes:

• Appropriate clothing and swimwear (see below for clothing considered inappropriate)
• Footwear suitable for both warmer weather and for inclement conditions
• Driver’s license, passport and any other ID documents you might require
• Your medical records and health-insurance information
• Toiletries (alcohol-free products only)
• A list of any medications for which you have prescriptions

Next: The “Nice to Haves”
• Appropriate reading materials (see below for reading materials which would be considered inappropriate
• Sunglasses
• Alarm clock
• Hobby or craft materials
• Personal journal
• Cell phone, music player or other personal device
• Mementoes from home (small decorative items, photographs or images)


Under no circumstances will any of the following items or materials be permitted within the boundaries of our Southern Californian men’s sober living home:
• Alcohol, drugs or any items/paraphernalia remotely related to either
• Products that contain alcohol (substances such as mouthwash must be alcohol-free)
• Over-the-counter drugs or medications which are not specifically prescribed for you
• Nutritional or other herbal substances
• Clothing or reading material referencing sex, drugs or alcohol
• Weapons of any description

If you or your loved one has any questions about what may or may not be brought to our men’s sober living residence, please feel free to call us at (949) 637-3538‬.

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