“The Place” Sober Living #1 Affordable Transitional Housing

With over 100’s of past residents and counting, “The Place” is the one of the most affordable and trusted sober living environments in California.

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The Place – Sober Living

Sober Living homes are like any other, having rules and structure. They are temporary sober living arrangements for people to get their lives back on track, places for recovery fellowship and support while transitioning back to every day life. The Place Sober Living provides independent living with accountability for men and women in recovery who want to stay sober.

The Road To Recovery

“The Place” sober living is a structured sober living environment, not a drug/alchohol treatment facility or detox center. What The Place sober living offers you as a participant is safe housing once you are clean and sober. As you begin your battle against addiction, you will receive support and encouragement from your peers.

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Over 100’s of Former Residents, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

We love our residents and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering safe, affordable and lifestyle changing activities during the stay!

My needs were not that strict, I moved into a The Place sober living house after primary addiction treatment and continued to enjoy the freedom of my own room, yet safety of being around others with the same needs, and low cost living for several years.
Aajami, self
I lived in The Place sober living for 3 months. During this time I got connected, found relationships, and built a solid foundation for sobriety in a safe and recovery-conducive environment.
Lucasgriffin, self
Recovery is a lifelong journey. I have already learned from my experience that there are many phases of adjustment, prioritization, and corrective action needed along the path of recovery–the task of repairing the destruction we have caused ourselves and our loved ones is a daunting one. Today, I’m grateful to be on a path that offers solutions!
Gojcus, self


If you or someone you know…

is battling the disease of addiction, there is hope. The first steps to recovery include seeking help. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns or to have a better idea about what Fresh Start has to offer. We are excited to have a chance to change your life or the life of someone you love. Suffering can end now, its just a phone call or email away. Call

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to speak with a resident house manager now.

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The Place Sober Living is an Experience to Live!

Begin your new life with a transition through our sober community friendly residences.
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